Bicknell-Vigo Township
Public Library
Registration & Library Privileges
Registering: Must be age 7 or older and/or in first grade. All adult (age 14 and over) patrons registering for a card must have some form of identification and a phone number. The ID can be as simple as a bill sent to them in their name at their current address (Social Security cards do not count). The phone number may be that of a friend, neighbor, or relative if they do not have a phone.
Patrons under the age of 14 must have parent/guardian’s signature. Even though 14-16 year olds do not need a parent’s signature, they can use a parent’s ID, if they have no ID of their own. Patrons must present a valid card to check books out of the library.
If the Patron does not live inside the city limits of Bicknell and/or in the Vigo Township (Rural Bicknell is not always, or even usually, in our taxing district), then that patron MUST have one of the following:
1. A valid Home Library Card, if they are from a library district that has signed the reciprocal borrowers’ agreement.
2. A valid PLAC card, if they are from a library district which has not signed the reciprocal borrowers’ agreement.
3. Or purchase a nonresidential card if they are from an un-served area.
*Please refer to general policies and procedures for clarification.

Using a Public Access Computer
Qualifications: You will need to have a signed Computer Agreement on file with this library. A parent or legal guardian must accompany patrons younger than 10 years of age. A library card is necessary for the use of internet, but is not required for use of on-line catalog, or the children’s computers.
Performance of the computer equipment and programs and quality of the materials cannot be guaranteed by the Bicknell-Vigo Township Public Library for your particular purpose. Library staff can provide assistance in getting started.
Computer Use:
· You may use a computer for one half-hour period.
· If no one is waiting, you may use a computer longer than the allotted half hour, but if someone is waiting on a computer, you will be asked to end your session.
· You may continue to use a computer beyond the one half-hour period, at the librarian’s discretion,  if you are involved in a project that takes longer than one half hour to complete (for example, homework, on-line classes or tests, resumes, job applications, legal applications,  etc.).  Please ask permission to do so.
. Students who need to use a computer longer than one half hour are encouraged to do homework first and check e-mails afterward as time allows.
. Chat rooms are not allowed.

· Plan to complete your session no less than 15 minutes before the library closes.
· Do not allow more than one other person on the computer during your time.
· Do not take liquids, powders, foods or other potentially damaging substances around the computers.
· Notify the Library Staff immediately if you find a problem with the computer.
· Do not attempt to correct errors yourself, any deliberate changing, deleting, and/or adding to the existing settings may result in denied computer use in the future.
· Exit all e-mails, web-sites, and programs before leaving.
. Do not turn off the computer.

· The hard drive will be cleared daily and should not be used to save your personal work.
· Direct access to the operating system will not be allowed or tolerated.
· You may access and use only the programs on the Direct Access menu.
· A virus scan will be running in the background to halt operation if a virus is detected.
· You, as the registered user, are responsible for the well being of the equipment.
Any abuse will result in termination of computer usage and/or privileges.

Printing costs will be assessed at fifteen cents a page, or thirty cents per page for color copies.
Please feel free to ask for help in choosing the printer, as we have three to choose from.

Cooperation will be appreciated. Observing the guidelines for computer and program use will insure fair and equal access for all who desire to use the computer system. These policies are reviewed regularly and patrons may offer suggestions to the staff and/or director.

Last reviewed per director Deborah Kean and library board 12/2017.

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