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For Immediate Release

Date: 2/18/2022

Contact: Deborah Kean, Director – Bicknell-Vigo Township Public Library, 812-735-2317

Bicknell-Vigo Township Public Library Awarded ARPA Grant

Bicknell – Bicknell-Vigo Township Public Library has received a grant in the amount of $16,116, which will be used to upgrade our microfiche machine, including a number of software upgrades, that allow easier access to old records we have on film. It will also go towards installing library security and WIFI extenders.

“When I accepted the position of library director January 4, 2010, I also took on a huge challenge presented to me by the library board president. To ‘Get us out of the horse and buggy days.’ Today’s demand to collect, process, and disseminate information both quickly and accurately has placed a large responsibility on the public library community to keep abreast with advances in technology. I feel Technology and Genealogy Upgrades to be very worthy of grant fund assistance.” – Deborah Kean, Director.

This project is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act, administered by the Indiana State Library.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 35,000 museums. Our mission has been to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. For the past 20 years, our grant making, policy development, and research has helped libraries and museums deliver valuable services that make it possible for communities and individuals to thrive. To learn more, visit and follow IMLS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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“The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s libraries and museums. We advance, support, and empower America’s museums, libraries and related organizations through grantmaking, research, and policy development. Our vision is a nation where museums and libraries work together to transform the lives of individuals and communities.”

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